The David Smith Marionette Productions are designed for performances in schools, theatres, libraries or other indoor settings for family audiences and children ages 5 to 12. These fun-filled puppet shows are enjoyed by large audiences or smaller more intimate groups.

Our current repertoire ranges from classic fairy tales (with a difference) to opera and visual accompaniment to classical and popular music. Our colourful variety & cabaret shows are fun for everyone at community or corporate events.

We bring a contemporary flavour to the traditional art of string puppetry. Performing in full view of the audience, our puppeteers bring to life a variety of characters and creatures in colourful, professional productions. Our lively, balanced blend of puppetry, theatre, music, and storytelling appeals to audiences of all age groups and cultural backgrounds.

Since 1978 we have performed a wide range of programs in theatres, schools, libraries and community centres in North America, Europe and Asia. Drawing on many years of experience in puppetry, music and teaching, David and Muriel Smith present a creative blend of entertainment and education.

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School Shows